MemberSHIP Management

Track and manage your Chamber memberships, collect dues and payments easily

With ChamberMate, you'll have easy-to-use membership management tools at your fingertips. Chamber Management software helps you to track, automate, and manage your memberships to the unique needs of your Chamber.

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Customize your membership needs

Manage your membership with multiple member types, fee structures, and more!

    • Track and manage all memberships and collect dues and payments easily.
    • Improve your member management workflows and communications.
    • No more chasing down people to renew their memberships. Maximize retention with automated renewal reminders and invoices.
    • Create multiple membership types and fee levels.
    • Track automatic reminders.
    • Easily generate invoices.

    Organize your contacts into groups that make sense for you!

      • Segment and group contacts into lists, committees, or groups.
      • Your CRM can be personalized to track anything you want to track for more personal connections with your members.
      • Target your members with personalized communications, announcements, and much more.

      Never forget a welcome visit again!

        • Log tasks, tag prospects, document conversations and more.
        • Target specific contacts with personalized communications.

        Getting Started is Easy

        Import all of your contact information from a spreadsheet, customize the data to suit your needs and you are ready to go.

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        One tool to run your entire chamber

        With ChamberMate You get...

        Member Management

        Automate membership renewals, registrations and payments.

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        Contact Management

        Manage all individuals, members and organizations in your database.

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        E-mail Marketing

        Enhance member experience with unlimited personalized email communications.

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        New Member Prospecting

        Track and close new member sales opportunities.

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        Website Solution

        Grow your online presence and enhance credibility with a modern, responsive website that you can update yourself.

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        Chamber Directory

        Create a better impression for your members and a dynamic experience for your community visitor with an automated
        member directory.

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        Integrates seamlessly with Stripe or use QuickBooks to process one-time and recurring payments for membership and event registration

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        Event Registration

        Create online events in minutes with detailed information, customizable online registration forms and multiple payment options.

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        Workflow Automation

        COMING SOON: Automate tasks and emails by setting workflows that automatically do the administrative tasks for you.

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        Member Center

        Password protected community gives members easy access to resources, networking opportunities and member benefits.

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