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Are you juggling applications, downloading lists and managing all kinds of excel spreadsheets?

Posted by ChamberMate Staff | January 12, 2022

You probably already spend much of your day juggling tasks. Between member updates, renewal, new member paperwork, invoicing, event postings, website updates – you already don’t have enough hours in a day.

As your community grows, you likely look for technology to help manage the workload. It’s easy to find for quick fixes to your everyday problems. You may use excel to keep track of your members and their data. You have an email tool to manage your communications and something else to keep track of your event attendees.

Does this scenario sound familiar…..Its Friday afternoon and you need to send a time-sensitive email. You find yourself checking to make sure your data is up to date, then you download and upload spreadsheets, find templates, write content and try to hit send before business’ close. The work can be cumbersome, inefficient and life gets frustrating!

Chamber Management Software helps you combine all your tasks into a single platform. Member information can often be updated directly by your members through their member portal. Renewal data, payment status and other member data is all in one place and up to date, with an easy way to create and send communications on the fly.

If you are juggling multiple spreadsheets and email lists, it might be time to consider association management software. Let us show you how ChamberMate can help!

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